Thursday, August 03, 2006

Poster Art - The Small Stakes

I started getting into music posters about three years ago. And not just the posters, but the designers behind them and the studios they work for. Now, I just have them bookmarked and check back regularly. Stylistically they can be all over the place. I'm really drawn to clean, minimal design and have pinpointed a few of my favorites. With some regularity, I now make it a point to go back and check out the new work.

One of my bookmarks is reserved for Jason Munn who runs The Small Stakes in Oakland, CA. The Small Stakes produces everything from book covers and album packaging to t-shirt designs and silkscreen printed poster designs.

His posters have always been among my favorites, not only for the design, but for the bands he produces work for. Animal Collective, Sufjan Stevens, The American Analog Set, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, and Broken Social Scene have all looked to The Small Stakes to have work done.

Check him out. If you like the work, many of the posters are for sale at a very reasonable $20. I'll probably mention a few others in the future, but if you want to look at the breadthe of what's out there right now, and don't feel like waiting on me, poke around at There you'll find hundreds of designers and tons of styles. Surely you'll find something there that'll suit your tastes.


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