Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Pics - Brooklyn

I took these while roaming Brooklyn. Seeing as the purpose of MMP is to show more than just music, I figured I'd throw these up to get the other ball(s) rolling.

Nothing special here. However, I did enjoy how these turned out seeing as I decided to go old-school. These were shot with my old, trusty Pentax K1000, complete manual-style. In this age of digital-everything, where all you have to do is switch the camera to "auto" and it all but takes presses the shutter release for you, it's fun to remember what it was like to have to adjust everything to make sure you come away with a half-decent shot. These were taken with 400 speed B&W film and the standard SMC Pentax 50mm lens that originally came with the K1000. It's currently loaded with film, so hopefully I'll have some more to throw up soon.


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